Monday, January 31, 2011

Not stupidity-just a "Meganism"

ok so I've spent a record amount of time thinking about something before I've said it- but got to thinking- If Jessica Simpson, didn't already show the world that a blonde-even bottle blonde can be percieved as stupid in her "tuna, fish of the sea" thing- this will surely put you brunettes all over the edge.
So I will for the sake of mankind-admit to my "blonde" moments for you and your amusement and the embarrassment of my parents. Not myself-because I don't care, I think you can be shall we say "educationally challenged" in certian areas and that doesn't make you stupid. Just shows how little I pay attention-(in that area) but I must say the other day I laughed out loud at myself over this one....
When the weather was bad- I was awake watching the morning news when they got all that snow up north. The news ancor on GMA was talking about how the president even had to detour his travels due to the snow. They were also discussing the snowfall in Boston etc. When they said the president was having a hard time leaving the White House-my eyebrows perked. I thought to myself-my goodness wow- there must have been a snow storm from one side of the US to the other! MY! There must have been snow across the entire country-thinking that Washington state was where the White House was stationed...Seeing as though I've been to Boston-I knew it was on the right upper side of the map, everywhere else is sandwiched in somewhere in there- but being geograpically challenged I usually look at a map if I really wanna know something-but...I thought this entire part of my adult life-that the white house was in Washington State-I thought Washington DC was a part of washington state. Like NY-I see on mail-New York, NY.... But anyway: I know at some point I knew otherwise- I am sure it was on a test somewhere at some point-but these past few adult independant years- I assumed this whole time the president was over in the left upper corner of the united states-so you can imagine my SUPRISE when I realized that morning when viewing the map of the big red dot showing the location of our president and his route home to the white house-over there on the right side of the map. I apparently never cared enough to look into it before now. I mean really- until this very moment- why did I need to really know where the president was? The last time I cared that I can remember was when it was 9/11 and I was in Illinois-outside Chicago fearing my safety and worried for my parents when they showed the presidents location with a big FLASHING red dot on his route to Barksdale Airforce base and thinking "great"- now the terrorist can find him-and my family right there near the base, and my fathers dental office going up in flames when they sent the next plane that way...So since then-I've not had a reason o pay attention.
So right after my as Oprah says "Ahhh ha moment" I called my parents. My mom thought I was joking- and I could hear my father shaking his head through the phone, but as I reminded them: in my highschool Geography class- I didn't pay attention: I met my husband. I honestly think I passed that class because my teacher didn't want us in there again the following year after the hard time we gave the poor man- so I reminded them. My private education wasn't a total waste. I met my husband-the father of my child. It wasn't a total loss.
But nonetheless-it was funny.


  1. Hey girl just saw u on the evening news
    Happy heart day
    Steven Lott

  2. love you Steve! Thanks for the compliment- I need a shoot soon before SG is a teenager! And gotta still order my others!! I know they are ALWAYS available is why I haven't done it yet-I guess just taking advantage of the "frindship" we have with yall-Tell Gail I said Hi!!
    PS- Dont you LOVE the profile pic on this Blog?!! I feel like I look intelectual-HAHAH!!