Thursday, August 22, 2013

BACK in the game!

Ok ya'll- It's been quite the change in events since the last entry...I'm going to be back blogging again- and will be letting you know best I can what you have missed! I am now a "statisticly single mother" and have lots to say about what NOT to do- and how this whole new chapter in our lives has been going. So once again-I'll back track...but today is NOT the day for this LONG story-or any of it.
So-In short I will say... My Sara-Grace and I are in a really good place. My focus has been on building a solid foundation which the only way to do is through God! His GRACE is overflowing and His Mercy ABUNDANT!
Like I have said so many times before: Grace is God Giving us what we don't deserve and Mercy is Him NOT giving us what we do deserve!
Thank YOU God for second chances upon second chances and upon more chances-My stance is FIRM, my expectations ARE GREAT, and so far-I have only found ONE MAN strong enough to provide what I am requiring for me and my precious baby-who ya'll is NOW FOUR!! That Man-is our Savior! I've been born again for many years-but in the last few God has been working on me-requiring me to be something more. Calling me to do something (which is) I know for one-teaching Sara-Grace what to be in a Godly Woman, and servant of Christ! I must be who I think she should be-I must be married to the man I think she deserves and I mus live a life that I think she is worthy of living... So that all being said. The story continues. The book should be written-for the chapters keep getting better and better. Thankful for my constant support system, my family, my friends, and my groups that hold me accountable! Keep your eyes open- as I find some time-to get back in the swing of this writing thing-and share how God's moving and using us!