Sunday, February 27, 2011

story of my life

It's been awhile since I've had the time to write- I'll try and be better about that-but it's been crazy here the past few days.
Between the Mardi Gras Parade parties, and the new neighbors moving in next door- opening and closing their doors every few seconds outside my bedroom window, and the poor old dog of ours having her seizures and SG waking up and cring for me to hold her I am only getting a few hours of sleep- I feel so exausted as it is- I mean come on!!! Cant I catch a break and at least get a good night's rest- not having 8-9hours of sleep really sets me off-I cannot function I feel like I can't breath, and sitting up- I have trouble catching my breath feeling like I can't take a deep breath at all, then whenever I do anything- remotly useful- I get so tired I have to lie down again- so yes- I need all that beauty rest. I'm not being high maintiance, well not superficially anyway.
Wouldn't you know last week- Justin still drives his old silverado from highschool and its what he will drive to work and park there for the three weeks- and its already falling apart- the window is not functioning and you have to crack it so it wont rattle, then the seat wont lock in place so when I drive it- I put a cinder block in the floor board to prop the seat still from sliding- once I was driving and when I hit the gas going up a hill my seat flew back and my foot fell off the gas- and I was so far back I couldnt reach the pedals and was holding on the steering wheel tring to pull my weight forward and reach the petal so I could go because by that point the crowd behind me was honking for me to go- so needless to say- Its the work truck, we drive my little car mostly. So the brakes decide to stop working well the other day - and wouldnt you know all the brake fluid was leaking out and as long as we could keep the brake fluid in there- it was fine because it was a slow leak but this happened the day before he was leaving which didnt leave us time to get it fixed and he decided to drive it anyway and just refil the fluid frequently til he gets home- so Justin was running his errands to go to work-he had been out getting gas , brake fluid etc and stopped to get us some McDonalds and brought it home- he was soposed to pick up a perscription as well while he was out- and when he walked in the door-I asked where it was, he said "hed forgotten it but since it was just up the road-he would run get it" he took my car which was behind blocking his in-so SG and I were going to wait for him to be back and eat- so there sat our food. Then he calls me and said that he had just been hit-right down at the stop sign by our house- I mean he got 12 houses away- was minding his own business at the stop sign about to turn and a girl pulled out and got t-boned in front of him and slid into the front end of my car- wouldn't you know. So he's down there with the police etc- and I wasn't gonna drive the truck since he hadn't put the fluid in it yet for the brakes so I packed SG up in the stroller and we headed down the block to see how bad it was. The poor girls car was totaled- tottally crushed in the pasenger side- and the guy who hit her's truck wasnt in too bad of shape but then my poor cars fron end on the driver side had been pushed in and the bumber totally shot- it is still drivable but the door is jammed and you have to pull it open and now its all rattling and of course the bumber is draging the ground, but its drivable! So we finish all our paper work and they said I could see the report in 3days at the station-because would't you know- this means that I wil be taking care of going to the police station and getting a report and taking it to my insurance carriers and then finding a place to fix my car and getting it fixed without a car to drive all with SG under foot all while Justin is gone- wouldnt you know it would happen to me that way-So now come Monday hopefully I can get something acomplished and the ball rolling on getting it fixed- and it will all be done before Justin returns-and once again the mess will be all cleaned up for him, must be nice- so the past few days with all this going on- I've been slightly stressed which sucks the life right out of me- and leaves me tired and now having had my flu shot and feeling flu"ey" from that and the sleepless nights-I swear....its the story of my life. At least Ive had a chance to get my nails done- thats nice with no make up on and my hair in a bun pulled on top of my head and still in my pjs I can look down at my nails and see how pretty my french manicure is- that makes me feel better, even if everything else is falling apart-my nails look nice.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wouldn't you know this WOULD happen to me?

So who would you guess would go into a public bathroom and use the restroom right next to a complete male stranger while he stood using a urinal?
Oh that's right- I DID!!
Here's the story...
Yesterday- at preschool, Justin and I were picking up our kid and I excuse myself to walk down to the bathroom. Not having gone there before- I ask for directions- and halfway listen to them as I figured that I would find it on my own knowing where the general area was.
Well- I walk down this long hall and walk into the bathroom- where the door was proped open, and there was a cleaning cart and I said "hello???" loudly to make sure there wasn't a janitor in there- and so with no answer I walk into the bathroom. I see urinals on one side and stalls on another- I think to myself- "oh that must be because it's a prschool and the teachers have to help take all the little boys so it's a unisex bathroom"
I go onto the first stall and sit down to do my business and I hear someone walk in. Thinking it must be the janitor, I say "hello" from behind the bathroom stall- and I hear a man's voice. Who replys "hello?" and I heard him pee... Then I realize that a man has walked into the bathroom at the same time as me and is using the urinal right beside me while I am using the stall. I said "Oh my god- did I come into the right bathroom?" and I stayed in my stall, He laughs and said "this is the mens bathroom" "I wondered what kinda man would be sitting on the toilet with pink shoes on" and I laugh-still in my stall. I go ahead and finish and said out loud "I'll just wait in here till you say you're done" and then I just started laughing. He said " let's just keep this between us" The toilets both flush and I asked "was he decent" because at this point I am done, with my pants pulled up and my purse on my arm-just standing there ready to bolt down the hall and tell Justin what I have just done. He said yes-and I opened the stall door as I walk into the common area of the bathroom apologizing and asked "who said men and women can't use the bathroom together?-we just made it unisex". He was probably in his later 30's and I have never seen this man before in my life-he evidentally was a dad in the preschool which goes up to 5yr olds so it could have been anyone. When I walk out I look at the door which remember was propped open and look at it this time-I realize that sure enough it reads "men". Then onward I walk back down the long hall from which I came. I look right and left and finally come to the door that reads"women" that I so blindly walked past just minutes before. So when I returned to the crowd huddled by Justin who was helping repair a coat rack- I said "you will NEVER believe what I just did!" and I tell this halarious story. My wonderful Justin replys "yes-I believe it- that would be something you would do".

When will I learn? To keep my big mouth SHUT??

OKay- I have throughly embarrassed myself and have turned myself in "that" girl. The "pysco" girl that everyone avoids- that I avoid! O.M.G. I still days later cannot BELIEVE I did all this- for a lack of a better word- I had "direaha" of the mouth! Again-O.M.G.
So here's the jist of what went down. You see- my bestie is out of town- our schedules have not allowed us much time to "girl" talk and catch up with one another- you girls know how that goes-but anyway- Justin is a close second but hence he's NOT a girl. So I've been starved for attention in the "gf" (girl friend) "bff"(best friends forever) department.
I met someone new- someone that looks pretty promising. A girl-similar in age, and similar interest etc. So I think- Hey this could work out, and we could be friends here(not to take the place of my bestie or anything though) and she and I agreed to do lunch. What do I do- when asked what resturant to meet at? I suggest a NEW local Bistro which my "bestie" introduced me to. Love Love Love this new place on Line Ave. for you locals,but I just was thinking when I suggested it- that it was a pleasant place to go- and personally I liked the "carrot soufle" so much that selfishly wanted to go again and get some more. So we agree to meet at this place a few days later.
I am the first one there and have a table for two waiting- then as I wait- it HITS me! Like a slap in the face- that I look and feel like I'm on a first date with someone, and it dawns on me that this could be cheating. Now follow me here- but I got to thinking there in this restaurant by myself at lunch hour- that since my "best friend" brought me here and introduced me to this joint- that mabe I shouldn't tell her I brought someone else, then I start thinking tht mabe this resturant was a bad idea- maybe we should have gone somewhere else-mabe this place should be reserved for lunches with my bestie- and wondered to myself- if this was CHEATING????
So in walks my date- and my "butch" like self stood up to hug her hello- and offically our date began......
Well- we chat a bit, and move onto ordering- and the convo is going well- then we exchange a little about ourselves, and although she already knew about my heart condition etc, I went into a few more details about the adoption, and answered some questions about it, then came the whopper- I just tottally don't know what I was thinking- but went off and told all my business, I told her all the personal stuff you don't tell your mother- you know all the personal stuff that you only trust with your husband or if your lucky your very close very trusted girlfriend. Now my reasoning for not telling isn't like yours- I don't think anythings a secret. My life is an open book and thats one way- people that know me appriciate me- they know I don't lie because I can't- I can only tell the truth and you take it or leave it. But the point I try and avoid is looking like that "psyco" because when you tell your family business' and air you and your dogs inadaquecies, you come off looking like you have serious family disfunction! Now I am no where above having to admit- my family has it's disfunction- it does, but mostly that part of our family we don't have much to do with. The parts that define our family disfunction- and I -don't speak much anymore in reality. My family is pretty functional now- now years later, that all the dust has settled, so why would I even back track and air all that stale moldy dirty laundry?
I cannot even imagine what I was thinking except A) maybe I felt comfortable with this girl- but B) It could have been that I have not seen that girl friend of mine in awhile so I was subconciously reaching out for that female friendship. So at this point I am starting to think that Iv'e said too much- and thinking there is absolutly NO WAY this chick will want to do ANYTHING with me again. We walk out tward the cars, and bid eachother farewell and say well do this again sometime.
So I drive home and I am thinking I definatly fit the profile of that creeper stalker psyco disfunctional weirdo now at this point and I will NEVER hear from her again, and I tell Justin all about this lunch and he agreed. We figured she was right now telling her husband about the same thing when he asked her how the lunch went- and she was saying- "that this girl ended up being such a weirdo."
So goes on the next few days.....
The more I think about it the more embarrassed I become. The fact that I came across as this crazy girl- and you have to understand- I know that everyone that KNOWS me knows that I AM werid, and even quirky but I'm not a creeper-at least I don't think so normally- so I don't know anything else to blame my actions on except like I told my husband- "It's my heart condition" I was nervous and I know my blood pressure was elevated and the only thing I can figure is that when my blood pressure and heartrate get wacky- I kinda go out of body-I like don't think before I speak (like more so than normal) and I can't control myself-and it gets me all worked up and excited- so since I am so embarrassed on this one-for the very first time I will blame my heart condition for my actions- even though I know the blame falls on my mouth...
So how does the story end? Just like a date-I had something to tell her- an event that we are mutually intrested in is comming up and I had to get her some info and text her. And what happens? She did NOT text me back- hours go by and as each passing hour- Justin would say "Oh Megan- you've really screwed this one up-" or "ohhh she's over there telling her husband this girl is a stalker now-and trying to find a way to get rid of me" and "that you knew Megan, that wasn't appropriate -first date-conversation" and every hour that goes by without a text in reply- I am becomming more and more embarrassed and asking myself why didn't I listen to all those years of advice from my mother? And just think before I speak? Why couldn't I have just smiled and knodded and just let her know the bare essentials and not the moldy dirty laundry?
Then a day later- after I have come to the final conclusion that I will NEVER hear from this chick- I get a response. A positive response, and a plan to see eachother again- so maybe just maybe she was able to look past the "creeper" part of me and see that the true beauty of my character-being truthful!???!!!!