Monday, December 19, 2011

The FIRST blog from 2008 posted originally on FB. **this would be a good place to start**

This is the original post"Notes" or discussions I wrote when I opened up my business facebook account. Some of these points have been redundant, I know....but apparently it had been erased after some recent changes on the offical FB site. I was recently made aware that THIS start of the story wasn't even here to begin with.(shout out to my new "friend" I met in the check out line at Albertsons-you know who u are-) So if YOU are NEW to Me...Meganisms or Graciecakes with Glistening Grace- just start here and work on back...
My name is Megan, and I must take this opportunity to tell you my story and to share that God answers prayers. Remember 1min is to 1,000yrs to God, and I prayed desprately for a child for over 8yrs-God really did it in less than 10minutes!So I guess I was impatient for no reason-God says "Ask and you shall recieve" I did- and He answered my prayers immediatly in His timing.I am born and raised in Shreveport, married to my high school sweetheart. We certainly imagined thats how our story would continue to unfold-like the typical fairy tale. Our lives were drastically changed when at 21, I was diagnosed with heart disease with absolutely no family history. We were just starting to rebuild our lives when in October of 2008 I lost consciousness , although I don't remember I can tell you that I drifted across 3 lanes of traffic while entering I-20. I was on the phone with my mother as my car rode the railing over 50 feet in the air until my car finally came to a stop. After a follow up with my cardiologist he said he thought I'd suffered a "cardiac arrest" which is where your heart completely stops. Most people are not as fortunate, and must have their heart shocked back with a defibulator and some do not ever wake up. I was scheduled for heart surgery a month later. To place a pacemaker/defibulator or monitor. They didn't actually know what they would do until the actual surgery. I was also told that I couldn't get pregnant as carrying a baby would put too much strain on my heart. During that month long waiting period, we were contacted concerning a local girl who was planning to put her baby up for adoption and hadn't decided on an adoptive family. I immediately contacted my cardiologist as I was unsure of the recovery time after my impending surgery. We met with the birth family and decided that it was a match! Many of my friends actually encouraged me to decline the offer. They were afraid of the stress it may cause if the plan fell apart as the state of Louisiana allows the birth mother 5 days after the birth to change her mind. After much prayer my husband and I were prepared to go forward. This is something typical God would do-send us a baby while awaiting heart surgery. I used that time to convince myself that I must survive the surgery and get strong enough to be the mother I'd always imagined. The surgery was a success-and my cardiologist found a birth defect in my heart and was able to correct the problem for now. Two weeks into my recovery our daughter Sara-Grace was born, and we were there for the whole thing and brought her home without a nursery prepared! We named her Sara:because she was the one in the Bible who had a child in God's timing. Grace: because it was certainly by God's grace we were given this child. I now take daily medication to maintain a somewhat normal life along with a healthy lifestyle. Since I am unable to hold a full time job, I stay at home with our daughter. This business was solely created for me to find a way I could stay at home, stay well and make some extra money to help pay for the finances we weren't prepared for. After much prayer and thought-I came up with "Graciecakes with Glistening Grace" Please enjoy