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TheShreveport Times FRONT pg LIVING sect: Says: TWO MIRACLES, ONE FAMILY-but the truth is:the list of Miracles in our family r too numerous2count...

this is what I posted under the article for The Shreveport Times in the article posted this week:

I'm sure you can all tell by now- that I DO NOT re-read and proff any of my articles bc I know I would over think and edit ALOT due to being scared to step on toes- or to offend people and to just plain- try and conform to what the world thinks I should say.

I'm in prayer constantly over when to write and when to post and what to say-
If God goves me a word- I write it, and I try very very hard to make sure its not what I want to say but what He HAS me say,
I felt like I needed to walk through that door and let God use me to post whatever the following words were for whoever needed them.
After a few days and comments later- I took the time- and very emotionally read it to my Mother- who was very emotional as well- and together over the phonecall read the following article I posted there for the world to read.
These are sincere words from my heart- and without any forethought I posted them publically. I have NEVER had the guts to do that before this blog- or the postitive renforcement from you all in passing.
I know many hearts have been touched- including mine and that of my family. But I also want you all to know that I do this- I speak MY truth as I see it, and although my views may not be like yours, I ask you to take the moment to try and see where I come from. The position I am in.... and how God has given me NO CHOICE but to be the person to stand up- even if I am really knealing over my computer right now- trying to hurry off to bed- but....
You have to see... my words are my way to express to truth.
My truth is: that GOD is who saved me, and us and ALL of you who are my closest friends. So many of our lives have been changed if not by MY story but by the one I share for Sara-Grace or of my Mother.
Heres the article and a link to TST Article by Melody Brumble:
Thank you for your positive feedback! We ARE all very very Blessed and Thankful that we have been able to have a new chance at life, and in enjoying our family together. My favorite part about supporting the AHA in town is because the monies raised here stays here. Like so many have stated before-but I can testify to the fact that in the recent years since my involvement in the GoRed Campaign I have benefited from the research and findings at our local LSU Med Center Heart Disease CAN and will strike anybody. It can be yourself or your Mother and anyone in between. It can affect your life and will of those around you. It presented a problem for me most women my age NEVER think about-and ultimatly forced me to rethink the plans for parenthood my husband and I had always dreamed of. It was at the time of my Cardiac Arrest and Surgery we learned of our miracle gift from God- "Sara-Grace Elizabeth" and how God gave me the love of a Mother so I would get strength to care for a new baby I would bring home from the hospital just a mere few weeks after my heart surgery. Just when I thought my heart was breaking-it was being healed when God sent a family to give us the "gift" we thought by then we would never recieve. I tell Sara-Grace all the time that she's healed my heart-she gave me a reason to live and a reason to push through the hard days and a reason to be stronger and better. It was MY mother who helped me through that difficult time, of learning how to become a mother while relearning how to live my life and the new lifestyle changes I would have to make. One thing my Momma always said when I had those inevitable bad days-she said if there were any way she could do this for me she would...she would say-you will too Megan. With Sara-Grace you will too be willing to do anything for her so that she won't hurt. Sometimes you can't though. I know as a Mother it must have been difficult to watch me go through in the past few years we have been getting back to a "New Normal". It was when I stood over my Mom's bedside right after she had been taken off life support and was breathing on her own, that I realized it had happened! She DID save me, she HAS put herself through something so I would maybe not have to. Until Mom's Cardiac Arrest-I had been the only family member diagnosed with a Heart Disorder or Condition. But after her diagnosis and after we have learned so much about her condition the end result is exactally what she taught me. As a Mother- you will do what you have to- to save your child. Mom has done that for me by paving the way so maybe I won't ever have to. It in turn has made me so grateful for what she's willing to do for me-and ultimatly for my child. Every day we have-is another day to make a differnce. It starts in your own family though. I have seen what Heart Disease can do to just one family, and can see how among a family of broken hearts how a family of healed hearts can come out of it. We can help stop this for other families. I know thats why we have this story to tell, because of ALL the people who you would think had heart disorders we may be the last ones. Certianly not. Heart Disease shows no discrimination. It can happen to anyone. At ANY time and for ANY reason. You can do many things now to help improve your chances and stay healthy-but you can also fall prey after doing it all right. You have to be educated for either of those senarios. You need to recognize the warning signs of your body and those of the people you love. When something is "off" you need to take notice. If you don't feel right you need to speak up, and if you don't get the answers you may be looking for- listen to that "inner voice, or Holy Spirit" heed-your bodies warnings. Heed your Doctors warnings stand up for yourself. Sometimes as women we put our own needs last. I will do whatever I have to so that MY child will have a Mother. I will make sure I put myself in th ebest possible environment so that my daughter will not have to grow up motherless. I've seen my Mother fight. And not for herself because she's to humble for that. But I've seen her stand in to the fight for me...which gives anyone who hears our story a new perspective. I though for sure we would loose Mom this time- I thought after my story of salvation and adopting our daughter was the best God could do-but I see my faith wasn't even that of a mustard seed as of yet and look at what I was given. A second chance at life, a chance at Motherhood, and now a story to help make a difference. I appriciate the time taken to read my words, certianly not gramarically correct-and certianly not politically correct. But after you have been through what we've been through-sometimes you have no other choice but to sing God's Praise. -Megan-Ashley Elizabeth Heiserman McIntyre Read my Facebook site set up to share my story for more details: Graciecakes with Glistening Grace

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