Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I had to "update" my info section on my personal FB profile: it is redundant in some spots-but I negate:

Our story is amazing- Heart surgery and a baby within a month! A historectomy within that same year! Wheeeewww! Its been quite a ride! I'm glad it's starting to get "normal" around here!! Remembering life before our daughter, all we went through before her. Now-Im realizing that all the things we went through was just making me the person I needed to be, so that I could be the mother I should be. I am married to my highschool sweetheart, Justin McIntyre a.k.a. "Big Mac" we are about to celebrate 15yrs together now. We have a mentally challenged partially blind maltise-Bruizer we brought home from Illinois when Justin played football for NIU.And after 13 wonderful years with her,we have just sent our Angel to be with the Lord(my present Justin bought me for Christmas when we were 16yrs old!My puppy w/a big red bow,best present till 2008 for sure!) We live here in Shreveport, in Broadmore in our "dream house" I started dreaming we'd start a family in over fifteen years ago. God RESTORED my marriage and gave me the husband I had always prayed for from the best friend I'd always had. We have adopted our "miracle" daughter Sara-Grace Elizabeth McIntyre and love being parents. I love watching how she can melt my husbands heart. We prayed and endured alot and are thankful and humble that we finally,after many years together have her. If you haven't heard the whole story please read my post on FB: Graciecakes with Glistening Grace and BlogSpot: Meganisms. That year was a hard one and a wonderful one at the same time. I was recovering from my heart surgery and welcoming home a baby at the same time. When God does it-He does it BIG!I am just now getting my energy back from the heart surgery and a full historectomy all in one year! Its taking me this past few years of intense physical rehab physical therapy and MULTIPLE day surgeries and medication concoctions to try and repair damages done to my body from the endometriousis and heart disease I never knew I had and to get my energy back and be cleared to start building my confidence back in driving! Who woulda known it would be two full years before driving alone again?! Its been the best thing though-letting myself depend on God, and my husband more. Letting me learn my limitations I never would have in a million years thought in my 20's I'd have had this all done and be reeling through the emotions of all of it! Justin worked offshore until recently,after he finished college from NIU and our stent in Illinois for a few years(shout out ya'll Yankee friends). Currently I am still a stay at homemaker, mom and craft queen. This past year I've been working on getting my strength back and embarked on starting a new dance program at Evangel. After months of prayer I realized I was being called to go back to where our story began-I am so enjoying starting the Elm dance "Glory Girls" and being able to give back to the place that gave us so much-and where all my most happiest memories are. I love being back dancing and taking my daughter to the school to show her where mommy and daddy began-teaching her who God is and surrounding her with the beauty of God's creations. I know so many lives have been changed including our own by some of the choices we have made and not made, and I am happy to say that with the grace of God-He is using ALL of them to help bring people to Him. I'm so grateful for loving patient people that support me and anything I tend to get myself into.My close handful of family and friends I let into our secret society. We are both turning 30 this year while our Sara-Grace is turning 3, so many things are starting to make sense and so many words I am taking right back-now that I have been humbled enough before God to admit that my parents were so very right on so very much. I am a big volunteer for the American Heart Association here in Shreveport and am a headlining spokes person- where I make multiple TV appearances and magizine interviews and small group womens and bible groups. Basically anyone who wants to have me tell my story: I feel led by God to do whatever I can to shout it from the rooftops. I was diagnosed with heart disease when I was 21, without any family history or reason to believe thats what diagnosis I would have, within months was diagnoised with a heart condition and endometriousis near the same time and its drastically changed our lives. Between the two most tragic diagnosis I could have imagined. Endometriousis is a painful female disease which not only affects your physical well being but also your fertility. After years of surgeries and fertility treatments and rounds of cemotherapy and the loss of two babies-I think God made it abundantly clear to me that persuing a pregnancy was't going to be my "traditional" way of becomming a mother. I was heart broken in more ways than one. After many second opinions and doctors from all over the United States-I finally had to heed my cardiologist warnings when I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (aka-heart attack-but when you completly drop dead,sounds bad-yes-bc it is) while I was behind the wheel of my car driving on an overpass on the interstate. God saved me that day and gave me the one thing a few days later I'd always wanted. The knowledge of the baby I'd always prayed for. Justin and I and our friends and families rallied in prayer to see us through an emotional time but one we kept very private-because I didn't want to cause a fuss or draw attention to myself or people think I was wanting the attention on or for myself. But things changed for me when a few months ago-after I had been the ONLY one with these diagnosis in my family-my Momma -Mrs. Judi Heiserman dropped dead from a sudden cardiac arrest as well. Because I have a father who is in love with my mother they are still together like newly weds and he-was thankfully there to help SAVE her while breathing oxygen to her brain and organs until the paramedics could defibulate her heart into starting again. Then- in a set of circumstances I found myself SO FIMILAR in. - I didn't keep it quiet. I decided that the only chance my mom may have at survival was the prayer from the same people who prayed for me-and it gave me such a new appriciation of what my parents and loved ones must have felt when I had this exact senario happen three years prior. I have since decided that it is my responsibility as a Christian believer-that I am to tell EVERYONE of what God has done. Not just for me- but these blessings and blessings upon blessings God is giving my family. How can I say I am so blessed after so much many people ask me-and my reply is always the same. I prayed for another chance with my husband, for another chance to say and do all the things that I'd wished I had and to seek forgiveness from the wrongs I had made. I asked God for a baby-and to be a mother, and even though she didn't grow in my womb SHE IS the baby that I always was praying for. And when I was on my knees asking God how to handle the death of my mother he gave me hope in answering my prayers and saving her life as He had mine, so how can I NOT feel blessed. Heart disease can strike anybody at any age and is the #1 killer among women above breast cancer. I am very intrested in changing the way the world views the face of heart disease, and education in prevention.We have had a wonderful life together and are best friends and really looking forward to living the testimony that God has planned for us."The Best is Yet to Come". Please hit me up-ask me whatever questions ! My life is an open book- God gave me this testimony because I'd be outspoken enough to share it! LOL. Seriously!

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