Sunday, May 6, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle little star...

Well-here is a new piture from tonight, with two of my favorite people. It brings me to my point-not to diminish them two- and I can say all this because they know my heart and I am not saying they are insignificant at all because they know how purposeful I think they each are-especailly to me. But I say all that to say this: whn I got this picture sent to me via Facebook tonight- I couldnt help but do what every woman does each time they see themselves, a reflection of what they see. You scrutinize your looks, your posture, and your outfit or hair- and you dont even mean to do it- it just happens naturally. Its almost instinctive to be critical of yourself -I think how thats more crazyI am even willing to dive into. But-back on the subject at hand: I looked at this picture- and I thought for a brief glace- hummm who's that blonde who caught my eye first? the one in the middle-me(im talking about-wink wink-dua!) but I thought-hummm she's attractive-and then I realized in that same instance it was me-after I made the picture big enough on my cell phone to really see the darn thing(like I hate it when i get a picture on there that is as big as literal "thumbnail" it makes me have catarac problems) but-after I saw it- I sighed a bit and thought- ohh , its only me.
Then-it was like the Lord spoke to my spirit-once again. And said to me-look how without posing-or planning where to stand or what positions to make- naturally because of positioning at the party I ended  up in the middle of the picture. (just like my Momma always said- I ended up in the middle of the Wings dancleine formations in highschool preformances just because of my size and or height or whatever) but I somehow make it to the middle-or least this time specifically. Anyway-God says to me-Megan: of course you are my shining light. You were the one who stood out because that is what I expected you to do. To stand out- but for God-. Be the confident , attractive, woman-I created you to be- be confident though in this image to represent me. You have been given this as a gift-that uncanning ability to walk into a room and be noticed. That ability comes with great responsibility-to be the one who will speak up for what God has done for me- what He has forgiven ME for and what He has done to save me and my poor undeserving soul. But I have a responsibility and a duty-to carry the confidence of Christ.
When Jesus had to carry the cross to his death hill (I made that up just now-kinda like death bed-lol) but when Jesus was walking there- He was hunched over and tiredsome and worndown and beated and scorned. You know- for a King- He didnt walk very proud. Or stand up tall. Or kill them with kindness-she showed his weakness and flaws and saddness and pain. And a new perspective was laid upon my heart: to think that I am hypethetically Jesus  re-incarnated.(I CERTIANLY do not mean I am Jesus- but you get the point) but if Jesus lives in me- and dwells within me- then isnt my body the way He can now walk in pride? Think about it-not in a pridefull mannr- but with pride I should say- If this was like the movie Ghost or something and Jesus literally came into your body and took it over for a day- do you really picture Him walking around with that same saddness or pain He had on that cross?
No-I dont. I think He would carry His new found shell with a sense of pride for what He acomplished in making it. He would let the world see Him- and let the shell work in His favor and draw people in and draw their attention, and bring the closer and get to know them and listen to them and care for them and share the things He learned and the wonderful things His Father gave Him already and the excitement of what is to come with meeting Him back on the other side.
So- wow- there is a crazy long-round about way- of saying: We all posess this dont we? We all have this ability to use our shell and shine our light for God. And I'm just beginning to realize and really comprehend exactally what that responsibility entails....
                                                                                            Until Next Time-

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