Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Divorce Sucks! (this is more for the PG13/R Christian)

Well as Christians, we are told time and again, that God HATEs divorce. Least that's the report I get from all the people who do not know the entire situation, or who have been lead to believe that as well. The other thing I was lead to believe-was that there was only one unforgivable fault worth divorcing your spouse, and it was the big red letter "A" marked on your chest.
Well-it's not to hard to figure out that I disagree. I do not disagree with God- by any means, and I'm sure He hates divorce. As does every other person who has gone through one. But I have to say-in my time of prayer, and seeking God on this subject: I have found that divorce can be used as a "public way to admit one's fault, or wrong, or past mistake"( however you wanna sugar coat it) And I don't know about you- but the God I serve, He is Merciful and full of Grace and He love's a humble heart.
I believe when you go before God- you make a comitiment and you take a vow- you are making that between your spouse, AND God. And for all you judgmental divorce critics-I ask you to ask yourself if you have considered this: Just as I went before God- to ask if this was the person or time I was to marry them, I did the same thing about wanting outta the deal. Just like when I sought God-to give me an answer to guide me to THE person, I asked Him if I should renig on it. It was a carefully planned out thing- planned just almost as well as my wedding.
Now granted- in my seeking God's approval on men-in my life. I have not necessarily waited on the Lord's Divine answer. Often times I have totally jumped the gun, run to the arms of my flesh and forgot who I was and what my convictions are. So..in saying that, yes God may hate divorce. But I think He equally hates my impatience.
I think the people we marry-often dictate where we are in life, not necessarily who we want to become, or who we feel called to be or the life we feel lead to live. At a certain point, you have to admit you cannot grow. And MOVE on. I don't believe we should be stifled by the mistakes we make. We should be allowed to use them and grow from them just like we are expected to do in our relationship with God. Just as if I were living in "sin" yesterday should dictate me "living in sin my whole life". At a certain point: certain people do not bring out the best in you, they may bring you down or they may do nothing at all except take the joy out of your spirit. I believe in marriage I do- I believe in monogamy and I believe that God set it up for a reason, to be a certain way. When you deviate from it or try and do it on your own terms it makes for a difficult challenging road. And truthfully the road I want to follow is the one that's paved in gold. I am saved, by the blood of  the lamb- and I assure you my divorce(s) are not the ultimate sin of all sins I have ever committed. I am a sinner-STRAIGHT up. Real as it gets and the only way I can rectify my mistakes is to own up to them and change my behavior. So-that's what this sorry no good divorce is doing.
Divorce SUCKS! It stinks, it blows-there's NOTHING good about it-except giving yourself and or your child(ren) the chance to be better than you were the day before.
If you have never been divorced-props to YOU, really- I intended at one point in my life to be just like you. I wish more than anything the happily ever after had panned out- and I have the knowledge now- to know- going into it. Who I am through God, who I want the new man to be in God and where I want our lives to end working for the glory of God- and I can't help but to think at some point down the road. Instead of my tragedy of a fail in a marriage,  it might just be the victory God uses to bring others to Him in a way- that people that refuse to talk about it or discuss it could.

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