Sunday, February 27, 2011

story of my life

It's been awhile since I've had the time to write- I'll try and be better about that-but it's been crazy here the past few days.
Between the Mardi Gras Parade parties, and the new neighbors moving in next door- opening and closing their doors every few seconds outside my bedroom window, and the poor old dog of ours having her seizures and SG waking up and cring for me to hold her I am only getting a few hours of sleep- I feel so exausted as it is- I mean come on!!! Cant I catch a break and at least get a good night's rest- not having 8-9hours of sleep really sets me off-I cannot function I feel like I can't breath, and sitting up- I have trouble catching my breath feeling like I can't take a deep breath at all, then whenever I do anything- remotly useful- I get so tired I have to lie down again- so yes- I need all that beauty rest. I'm not being high maintiance, well not superficially anyway.
Wouldn't you know last week- Justin still drives his old silverado from highschool and its what he will drive to work and park there for the three weeks- and its already falling apart- the window is not functioning and you have to crack it so it wont rattle, then the seat wont lock in place so when I drive it- I put a cinder block in the floor board to prop the seat still from sliding- once I was driving and when I hit the gas going up a hill my seat flew back and my foot fell off the gas- and I was so far back I couldnt reach the pedals and was holding on the steering wheel tring to pull my weight forward and reach the petal so I could go because by that point the crowd behind me was honking for me to go- so needless to say- Its the work truck, we drive my little car mostly. So the brakes decide to stop working well the other day - and wouldnt you know all the brake fluid was leaking out and as long as we could keep the brake fluid in there- it was fine because it was a slow leak but this happened the day before he was leaving which didnt leave us time to get it fixed and he decided to drive it anyway and just refil the fluid frequently til he gets home- so Justin was running his errands to go to work-he had been out getting gas , brake fluid etc and stopped to get us some McDonalds and brought it home- he was soposed to pick up a perscription as well while he was out- and when he walked in the door-I asked where it was, he said "hed forgotten it but since it was just up the road-he would run get it" he took my car which was behind blocking his in-so SG and I were going to wait for him to be back and eat- so there sat our food. Then he calls me and said that he had just been hit-right down at the stop sign by our house- I mean he got 12 houses away- was minding his own business at the stop sign about to turn and a girl pulled out and got t-boned in front of him and slid into the front end of my car- wouldn't you know. So he's down there with the police etc- and I wasn't gonna drive the truck since he hadn't put the fluid in it yet for the brakes so I packed SG up in the stroller and we headed down the block to see how bad it was. The poor girls car was totaled- tottally crushed in the pasenger side- and the guy who hit her's truck wasnt in too bad of shape but then my poor cars fron end on the driver side had been pushed in and the bumber totally shot- it is still drivable but the door is jammed and you have to pull it open and now its all rattling and of course the bumber is draging the ground, but its drivable! So we finish all our paper work and they said I could see the report in 3days at the station-because would't you know- this means that I wil be taking care of going to the police station and getting a report and taking it to my insurance carriers and then finding a place to fix my car and getting it fixed without a car to drive all with SG under foot all while Justin is gone- wouldnt you know it would happen to me that way-So now come Monday hopefully I can get something acomplished and the ball rolling on getting it fixed- and it will all be done before Justin returns-and once again the mess will be all cleaned up for him, must be nice- so the past few days with all this going on- I've been slightly stressed which sucks the life right out of me- and leaves me tired and now having had my flu shot and feeling flu"ey" from that and the sleepless nights-I swear....its the story of my life. At least Ive had a chance to get my nails done- thats nice with no make up on and my hair in a bun pulled on top of my head and still in my pjs I can look down at my nails and see how pretty my french manicure is- that makes me feel better, even if everything else is falling apart-my nails look nice.

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